Fingers and Thumbs, Painted Granite Sculpture

Fingers and Thumbs, Painted Granite Sculpture

Circa 2008
Stock Number: 12489/GSO
Height 13.00 cm [0 ft 5 ins]
Width 23.20 cm [0 ft 9 ins]
Depth 14.50 cm [0 ft 6 ins]

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Painted Granite
Circa 2008

Mr R Warby Purchased 2014 Pangolin Gallery London

Peter Randall-Page b. 1954
Peter was born in Essex and studied at the Bath
Academy of Art 1973 – 7. Barry Flanagan helped to take
down his graduation show (they met by chance!), Peter
then becoming his assistant. He then moved on to
work as a mason at Wells Cathedral, here gaining and
understanding, in context, the medieval mason’s craft.
Another strong influence was that of Isamu Noguchi,
with whom Peter had a lifelong correspondence. In 1980
Peter was a Winston Churchill Fellow travelling to Italy
to study marble carving in Carrara. │ Peter’s working
practice is in part expressed with these four works;
‘Fingers and Thumbs’ with fingerprints visible the spotty
pattern on a rock makes the ‘eye move more slowly
across (the work)’, encouraging us to be ‘aware of the
form’ and possibly intuit our own connection to early
(Aboriginal) rock paintings. ‘Husk II’ explores the organic
and the seed whose ‘inaccessible interior’ Peter has been
investigating from his earliest works. A repetition of the
continuous coil in ‘Bronze VI’, but this time a look inside,
in bronze, at the invisible folds of the lower intestine.
‘Stone Maquette I’ is an expression of Peter’s deep
interest in the geometry of nature and here looks to
‘visualize one form within another’, ‘natures theme and
variation’ by ‘accessing his imagination through the act of
carving’. ‘Night Song’, a title that implies an investigation
of dreams? ‘Stone is my vehicle for my fascination with
the human mind and imagination’ and with a bronze
crescent (disparate element) in balance with the claw
chiselled marble base, I would suggest Peter is asking
us to be aware of what the sculpture is ‘a lump of stuff’
but also subtly imply, with a nod to Miro, that ‘other
things are going on’… │ Peter has had many Solo shows
and has completed a number of public projects. He was
elected RA in 2015.