Lead figure of Pan by Van Nost the elder

Lead figure of Pan by Van Nost the elder

Circa 1720
Stock Number: 6891/GSO
Height 170.00cm [66.93 inches]
Baron Lockhart of Lee

Pan was purchased by Baron Lockhart of Lee in the first quarter of the 18th century. The statue appears in the foreground of a water colour of Lee Castle dating around 1760.

Some time in the mid 19th century it was moved to Cleghorn House Lanark by a branch of the Lockhart family. A number of photographs are in existence showing it in-situ in around 1895.

The statue has been acquired from a member of the Lockhart family who is a direct descendant of the original purchaser and hence has been in a single family's ownership from new, almost 300 years.

Jon Van Nost the elder had his yard in the Haymarket where he manufactured lead urns etc., as well as carved figures. He was extensively patronised by the nobility with examples of his work at Melbourne in Derbyshire, Castle Howard, Buckingham House (later Palace). Nost did a good deal of work for Royal Palaces including Hampton Court.

Van Nost's work can be seen in all the great collections, with examples of the figure of Pan at Rousham in Oxfordshire and at Painswick House in Gloucestershire, both showing, as with the Lee Castle Pan, the finest movement and quality in lost wax lead work casting.