November 2017

It is that time when the last of the leaves cling to the trees to give one final show of colour before we dive headlong into cold silhouettes, big walks and warm evenings in by the fire - I love it.

First up, and most importantly, we have a new Puppy - Jumble! Here to greet you with a very friendly tail wag on your next visit.  To our latest stock and an interesting selection, if I do say so myself, but where to start...  'Colin' the rusty pig? A boot scraper on a stone with a hole in? Or a wheelbarrow seat from the workshops the Chatsworth House Joinery?

I think maybe to a recently purchased lead cistern first - simply because it was on researching the date made (1752) that I learnt about the missing days in September that year, as we moved to align with Europe! By ditching the Julian calendar in favour of the Gregorian - I wonder also who and what 'Mary Cole' thought about that.
Oh, what a lovely Boar... Adapted from the antique by Pietro Tacca (1577-1640), this model is known affectionately in Florence as Il Porcellino or 'Little Piglet'. This 20-year-old reproduction being cast from the same mould as the replica (including the time-worn smooth snout!), which replaced the original in the Mercato Nuovo.

More than a hug... Hercules here literally squeezing the life out of the Antaeus in his wrestling match with the invincible giant - that is if he is in contact with his strength-giving Earth, this giving the drama as Hercules strains to keep Antaeus out of reach.  Antaeus' toes straining to make contact with the ground as his rib cage collapses and crushing fingers dig deep into his flesh.  It's a wonderfully gruesome sculpture attributed to one of the Netherlands best sculptors, Jan Peter Baurscheit the Elder (1669 -1728). Fine comparable works can be seen in the Rijksmuseum collection.

To Urns - well three pairs to be precise. A pair of the largest natural stone finial urns we have ever had - flamboyant carving throughout with wonderful scrolling handles. 

A pair of Campana Urns with a mixture of pastoral and classical scenes, which defy interpretation but do however make for a most decorative effect. 

And to round off this section another not seen before design - this time with decorative handles terminating with dolphin heads, having swag and garland decoration throughout.


Gates - I as you know do like a decorative gate and here they are ready to make any garden boundary an entrance into a room. 

A pair of wrought iron garden gates having a scrolling pattern terminating at points with pressed brass flower discs.

Circa 1950

Then maybe a step change to another level with this most elegant sweeping set of semi-circular York stone steps - possibly the most practical of this month's offering.

Troughs; we have had a few... and here are some more - including a much-requested circular example. 


A large 18th century circular stone trough
Circa 1750

An 18th century stone trough 

Circa 1750


'Colin' The Rusty Pig!

An iron boot scraper

Circa 1830

A cast iron swan bench having a replacement oak bench supported by a pair of elegant cast iron swans

Circa 1890

A painted wooden 'wheelbarrow seat' 

Circa 1980


And to conclude, it is to a new product we turn - our Lattice Vine Lead Planter, being one of many fresh offerings in our reproduction range to be launched in our 2018 catalogue in January.
As always, please do just click on the image for further information on the item or email me directly to find out more.
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