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Chelsea Flower Show and Latest Stock May 2016

I have a burnt nose and it's now raining so therefore it must be Chelsea Flower Show time! Scorching hot days interspersed with torrential rain for set up (now thankfully all done), it is with just one day to go my only hope is that we all have good weather for the Show (it's a long day and I have a very small hut). So to find us this year we are in a new and I think improved position near the Embankment entrance (stand number 277 - Southern Road) being, for Chelsea regulars, opposite my Cotswold sculptor neighbour Rupert Till, or for a landmark we are tangential to Diarmuid Gavin's 'Clockwork Garden' - seeing is believing..

This year I am exhibiting our planter range both lead and copper - the centre piece being our truly ENORMOUS copper planter with planting by my wife - Katie Guillebaud (small family plug!), please see picture below and more images to follow on the Show. New in stock and at Chelsea is a marvellous bronze by David Wynne 'Flying Swans' (for the Show being not half a mile down the Thames from his most famous work 'Boy with Dolphin'), it is a single bird taking off representing the five Nordic states and is the large maquette edition in 6 casts for the truly monumental version at the Civic Centre Newcastle-upon-Tyne - another being in Texas! It is an interesting note, and somewhat of the moment, that David Wynne designed the 50p coin with nine hands joined, representing the UK joining the EU.

Continuing with sculpture (not the referendum) - sculpture being a theme you will see develop over time - I have at the Show, and to keep with the modern British genre, a rather imposing and some would say strident bronze Griffin by John Ravera and a delicate small Ralph Brown bronze 'A portrait study for Sibyl', Ralph Brown being, in my humble opinion, a rather good sculptor. From Italy we have three Neapolitan bronzes, all copies after the antique - namely 'Dionysus', a rare 'Young Satyr with the infant Dionysus', a beautiful bronze 'Daini' and a pair of alert carved stone 'Recumbent dogs'.

Two works not at the Show, as more for the interior, are the 'Bull' and the 'Bird Catcher' - the Bull being a late 18th century bronze copy of the Roman marble excavated not but a few years earlier in Ostia near Rome, cast in response to and to supply the high-end Grand Tour market - the Bird Catcher after Giambologna made in Germany circa 1650 holds what could be a smoker to stun birds out of the trees! Or a light to see by and swoop upon the birds as one would a butterfly - this being a bit of a sport in the Renaissance! - more information to follow on these.. Keeping in Germany, a pair of windows made as copies of the earlier medieval type, which in the region is distinct from French glass by its utilization of the circle in compact decorative schemes - I have no idea where this will go but the shards of coloured light cast through my office on a sunny day is heavenly..

Also not on the stand, as too large, is this wrought iron arbour, circa 1900 - for a destination point or to add structure to a garden room, or simply to grow your roses up, it is one of the most useful garden antiques me thinks or maybe this prize should go to my last item of latest stock - a large Bath stone sundial of a pleasing design which I am however just waiting to find a large enough plate to fit - possibly not so useful after all!

Thank you as ever for your interest and I if going to Chelsea I very much look forward to seeing you at my London office over the coming week - that reminds me I have a train to catch..

Best regards


'Flying Swans' By David Wynne OBE (1926 - 2014)
Circa 1968

A verdigris bronze model of Dionysus
Circa 1910

An early 20th century wrought iron garden arbour
Circa 1900

A mighty lost-wax cast bronze Griffin sculpture by John Ravera PPRBS / FRSA (1941-2006)
Circa 1981

An early 20th century Bath stone sundial pedestal
Circa 1910

A Neapolitan verdigris bronze model of a young Satyr with the infant Dionysus
Circa 1910

A 17th century German lost wax bronze of 'The Birdcatcher'
Circa 1650

An 18th century Grand Tour lost wax cast bronze bull sculpture
Circa 1780

A patinated bronze sculpture by Ralph Brown R.A. (1928 - 2013)
Monogrammed and dated 1982

A late 20th century lost wax cast bronze of the 'Daini'
Circa 1990

A pair of 19th century stained and painted glass windows
Circa 1870

A pair of early 20th century recumbent dogs
Circa 1910

A Gothic wrought iron serving / potting table
Circa 1890

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